Thursday, September 25, 2014

Angel of the Air

Breathe with the angel of the air.
This angel that is in all life, which spreads the sweet
Smell of the mysteries of our garden.
 Let us breathe this messenger of the most high that
Touches every cell of our being.
As she brings the secrets of the wind
 In your meditation.
She is the angel that connects us to the oneness as
We dance upon our earthly mother.
~ Casey ~

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Majestic Woman

Is it not in the fragrance of a rose that tells the story
Of the majestic woman and sprit she rides?
Is it not the angels of heaven that chase
Her laughter and song?
Yet it is the wild creatures of the forest
 That walk with her.
And the eagles who soar the sky around her.
For she is not a dream but a reality
Awakened in a new dawn.
~ Casey ~
(from the book "The Awakened Woman")

Dance with Light

In a woman’s thoughts she dances with light
She sings of joy, laughter, and beauty
As love weaves a warm and tender whisper
Of oneness through her body and breath
Between her soul and the color of her heart
As she journeys a path of independence
~ Casey ~